Nic Marson

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a. Hello!

I love solving problems for people.

I have twenty-five years of experience producing web sites. I design by understanding users behaviors, attitudes, and emotions.

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B. Latest Project

Market Rewards App

The Market Rewards app provides access to high-quality, personalized offers, events, and recipes from Market of Choice.

Customers earn points by shopping—rewards increase by tier—unlocking personalized offers and events.

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Project Archive

Nic Marson Archive

Most of the projects I've worked on from 1997 to 2017.

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C. About Me

My personal user journey from college to career.


How I got started in design

My mother is an artist, and I’ve excelled at art since I was five. When I reached college, I chose graphic design as my focus and started to design websites for departments around Oregon State University.


What I’ve been working on

For the last twelve years I've been responsible for designing, building, implementing, and maintaining web applications. Recently, my focus has been creating and managing design systems.


What drives me

Inefficiencies in workflow (I’m a big proponent of design systems), and a desire to learn (that's why I earned the Google UX Design Professional Certificate).


What I believe in

We are designing for people, not just ourselves. That's why I always try to bring the user into decision-making discussions. Empathizing with people helps you better understand them, and the problems they face when interacting with your product.

D. Blog

Design Systems
UX in the house
Time-and-Materials vs Fixed-Price in Web Projects

E. Author Message

In my free time I am writing the sequel to my first book, The Key of Astrea. I’m also father and teacher to my 7-year-old daughter, and husband to my wife, Natalie Perrin. We live in Eugene, Oregon and make as many trips to the coast, lakes, rivers, and mountains as we can.

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